Thursday, August 18, 2016

Some equipment additions

Roller Furler

Life is easier with a roller furler.  Granted, it's kind of exciting when winds suddenly kick up and in order to get the jib or genoa down FAST, Bill darts for the bow and frantically pulls down the jib while I'm trying to hold Boom Boom II into the wind with the mainsail flapping, the boat rocking in the waves and sails are flapping wildly every which way.  All in a day in the life of a sailor.

But then came the roller furler.  And life got a bit easier.


Added protection

Boom Boom II sits in our driveway (or backyard) when not on the water.  And when she's not sitting on dry land, and not in the water, she is being trailered somewhere.  We invested in a form fitted cover -- that even accommodates the furler -- to keep her covered, clean and protected when traveling, or sitting.